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The Association of Negros Producers

Beginning and History…
a success story on self-reliance…

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ANP is born of an ironically sweet crisis, a historical landmark of great distress. The fateful fall of the sugar industry in the 1980’s where the world sugar prices plummeted and government took control of sugar trading crippled the economy of Negros in a major life-changing, lifestyle-denting and peace-shattering way. Instead of succumbing to the tragic fate of the monocrop industry that the whole community was dependent on, fifteen (15) Negrense women summoned prayers and their natural entrepreneurial flair to organize the House of Negros Foundation. The foundation, then based in Manila where the women were, paved the way for the founding of a non-stock, non-profit and non-political organization composed of professionals, entrepreneurs and housewives.

The Association of Negros Producers, as we know it now, then contributed extensively in alleviating the plight of more than 150,000 displaced workers in an awful time that saw 84 percent of Negrenses living below the poverty line and 60 percent of their children languishing in malnutrition. Coming from seminars in Manila on starting a kitchen or backyard business with certain crafts and skills, the women shared their knowledge with wives of farm workers. The singular determination to create just one more job brought this stalwart association to where it is now, an established beacon of hope.


  • Represent, promote and lobby the interest of small and medium scale producers in Negros
  • Encourage cooperation among producers, between producers and government, between producers and other business sectors in Negros Island, the Philippines and abroad
  • Promote the marketing and quality image of Negros-made products
  • Promote the culture of productivity and technological upgrading of the manufacturing sector in Negros

Association of Negros Producers (ANP) is an organization:

  • Small and Medium Enterprises manufacturers who subscribe to quality and the pursuit of excellence as a way of life
  • That foster entrepreneurial development where every member is an exporter of globally-competitive products
  • Where every member is dedicated to harness indigenous skills and resources to create alternative industries to replace an economy that is largely dependent on a monocrop industry
  • Where every member is conscious of his/her responsibilities to society and the environment
  • Where every member recognized the importance of sharing each other’s resources

We, the member of the Association of Negros Producers (ANP), pioneers in the field of entrepreurship development, dedicate ourselves to the dynamic development of SME manufacturers through trainings, trade promotion and linkage with government and non-government agencies

Believing in our individual and collection capabilities, we commit to harness our resources to be the catalyst of entrepreneurship growth and social development by strengthening our membership base.

We will continuously contribute to the development of a nation that comes from the empowerment of a nation that comes from the empowerment of its people through entrepreneurship.

We pledge to continuously direct our mission by providing the strong foundation and framework for sustainable growth for the benefits of the future generation and for the improvement of the quality of life of every Filipino.


• Outstanding Bacolod Business Support Organization – 2007
• DTI and PRA Outstanding Filipino Retailers- 2008
• Outstanding non-government organization
• Outstanding Kabisig-Type Project (Micro Lending Project)