Bulawan Awards



Bulawan” … Ilonggo for “gold”. The annual product-design competition of the Association of Negros Producers, aptly named “Bulawan Awards”, showcases the ingenuity of the Negrense entrepreneur, where member-producers bring their best foot forward by way of products that reflect excellence in craftsmanship.

It gets bigger and better every year, and the judges are the city’s most qualified experts who critique each and every entry until they can come up with the winner.

Much has been said about the success of the yearly Bulawan Awards of the ANP. It’s been around for 19 years, and when you see the world-class products of its members, you’ll know why this competition gets better every year.

Bulawan Awards aims to provide an incentive for its members and to encourage them toward more ingenuity, creativity and commitment to product excellence, ANP established the annual Bulawan (Golden) Awards.
Through this incentive, members engage in product innovation and packaging or development of new designs. Recognition is given in food, garment, fashion accessories, toys and gifts, housewares and furniture categories.