Message from ANP Executive Director

Message from Association of Negros Producers

Executive Director – Rhemond C. Castro

Executive Director – Rhemond C. Castro

Rhemond C. Castro ANP Executive Director

The ANP was founded with the mission to help the province and its sugar workers whose fate, at the height of the sugar crisis of the ‘80s, pulled them down even further to extreme poverty and malnutrition. It all changed for this province when like-minded individuals banded together and armed with determination, the willingness to embrace entrepreneurship and prayers, brought forth the ANP.

Throughout the years, we have worked to be a game-changer, to not only push for global competitiveness and excellence in our local industries, but to ensure sustainability in our practices as well. It is this same mission that propels our support for OURFood. We at the ANP commend this movement of empowering the food supply chain so that each aspect from production to end user is guaranteed competitive, sustainable and excellent.

The OURFood advocacy is one with our own desire to see that all stakeholders involved in our food industry are equipped with the tools and training necessary to continually upgrade standards, and ultimately income of micro, small and medium enterprises. Congratulations on this exciting endeavour. Rest assured that OURFood will have the support of the ANP in the coming years.